EXCLUSIVE: The Practically Indestructible TAC25: Is The 33-Month Battery Lifetime Worth All Of The Hype?

Written By: Patrick O'Donnell
Updated: Recently

In this day and age, it seems like everything around us is constantly moving faster which brings about the need to having better organization & productivity in our lives. Many smart devices we use take up too much maintenance time in the form of repairs and daily charging. With this in mind, we looked to see if there was something better in the market - the TAC25 is what we found.

Everyone is always tired of having to treat their smart device like a delicate, porcelain bowl, what stood out about this watch is that it claimed to be able to be thrown about, dropped from high grounds, stomped on - you name it. Not only that, but a battery life that lasts over 33 months on a single charge!

Smartphones are quickly becoming a huge part of our lives - we really can’t live without them! But because of how fragile they are, we wanted to find something smaller, more portable and could easily keep up with our busy lives.

After some research, we stumbled upon the TAC25 smartwatch and it immediately caught our attention. What initially stood out was its ability to easily survive in the harshest conditions and feature a battery that can last over 33 months on a single charge! We tested it out and what we saw blew us away..

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It's Tactical, But It Doesn't Stop There

Aside from the durability & battery life, it sports many other cool features - 25 to be exact. Whether you’ve got a busy schedule, love to keep fit or need to be in regular communication, the TAC25 makes handling these tasks a breeze.

We compared it to other smart devices and it came on top everytime. No more need to have multiple devices for multiple tasks. You can now remove cameras, calendars, your day to day watch, fitness watches and more out of your life because this is an all-in-one solution.

You may be wondering if you’d benefit from it, well if you have a fast-paced lifestyle, into fitness (or would love to have a personal tracker while you get into shape), or just enjoy what cool tech has to offer, this is for you.

We let many members of our staff test it - male, female, young and old! We heard similar things back from all. They found it convenient, stylish and easy to use.

You can even connect it to your mobile phone whether you have Android or iOS as it can give you important notifications from your phone, sync fitness tracking information & more!

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